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A Brand New Day!

Today we have announced many big things for the Briogaid. First, have have not only redesigned our crest, but also created a new logo and text for our new branding! The new crest has many elements from our initial crest, but a cleaner look. It reminds one of a crest from a top European club. We now have a logo to go with our crest. The "double B" logo keeps our roots intact, but with a Celtic knot that can be colored and used with or without "The Briogaid".

Next, we have a new away and pregame bar, Taft's Ale House. We will be inhabiting the Nellie's area, which is on the ground floor. Taft's is creating an outside pavilion so we will have indoor and outdoor use! Briogaid memorabilia will be hung at Nellie's so it will feel like home!

Our new scarf has been released. Our tartan design now has white hoops, while the other side has both our old and new march routes on it! It's a real dazzler!

Finally, we have a new Junior membership for the kids 16 and younger. Now the whole family can have their own Briogaid stuff!

Our announcement coincides with one of our favorite days, St. Patrick's day! Slainte everyone!

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