The Briogáid do not require a paid membership into the organization.  We will continue to offer a completely FREE option for all who want to have a first-hand The Briogáid experience.  However, there are advantages to the paid membership levels, for you and for the organization as a whole.

As a non-profit supporter group, managed by unpaid volunteers, The Briogáid rely heavily on paid memberships to support the purchase of game day items; such as smoke, tifo materials, banners, and flags, as well as pre and post season event planning and  website management.

All members are held to The Briogáid Honor Code which requires annual confirmation of understanding of all members, free and paid.  As such, you are asked to acknowledge that you have read The Briogáid Honor Code before submitting your membership application.

Click here to read the 2019 The Briogáid Honor Code!

All Membership packages are active for the calendar year for which they are purchased
​(January 1 - December 31).