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An (Al)Bright Future and New Outlook!

By Matt Warman

The last few months has had Cincinnati sports fans rocking! The USMNT beat Mexico Dos-A-Cero at TQL Stadium. The UC Bearcats made the college playoffs. The Bengals made it to the Super Bowl. What FC Cincinnati? The last three years have given us little to be excited about.

We have a new GM and coaching staff which I believe can and have already turned things around. FCC finished their preseason with a 3-0-2 record. I understand that preseason results don't necessarily translate to regular season results, but it's better than hearing we lost to Lou City 4-1, and got scored on by their coaching staff!

FCC fans have become bitter like Bengals fans were recently, and with our results and lack of player movement I can see why. Sometimes it's an attitude adjustment that helps more than a new player. I believe our new staff is doing just that. A lot more transparency and less "3 more windows". Are we great? No. Have we improved? I think so. There is some young talent that will be very good for us soon. Do we still need better talent (a "6")? yes, but  just having players playing in their natural positions helps.

The bar is low, but I think we already have improved, will not see another wooden spoon this year. Playoffs? You're talking playoffs? No, I think this team is easier to watch and I predict more than 1 home win this year. If we start fast and get some talent in the summer we might have a chance to sneak in, but I think we move up from the bottom.To take a chant from another Cincinnati fan base "Why Not Us"!

We finally have a guy who knows the insane MLS salary rules. He has already unraveled some of it. It will take time, but our future is (al)Bright!

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