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My Briogaid Story: Mark Sutphin

The 2016 FC Cincinnati season hooked me immediately, thanks to Coach Harkes and an the on-field play that wasn’t boring like I had expected. I purchased season tickets in The Bailey for 2017 and looked to have the experience that I saw on ESPN in the 80’s, where pub-goers marched to the stadium chanting all the way, and then continuing the chant throughout the I knew the SGs already but wanted a great fit for myself and son and found it in THE BRIOGÁID. THE BRIOGÁID welcomed me warmly and made sure I was going to be part of an amazing season. I joined up at BucketHeads for away matches and HangOverEasy became a tremendous pre-match spot with amazing food and the Jameson flowing often. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many, many moments shared with my amazing BRIOGÁID members, the 2017 USOC run, the awesome 2018 season, the away matches, and the overwhelming joy to be on stage when Garber announced FCC would be the 26 franchise in MLS! 2019 was a dream come true! If you are looking for a passionate group that welcomes all and has a bunch of fun, join THE BRIOGÁID!
Sláinte and God Bless!!

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