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Well, that happened – Charlotte Edition

 By Matt Warman

Away matches are like snowflakes, no two are alike. This time it was a road trip! Charlotte is about 8 hours away, and it’s like you can’t there from here. The city was very nice, and it helps to have an Airbnb expert to book the best spot. That picture came from our room! The non-hotel route costs about the same as a hotel. After some Carolina BBQ and some relaxing on Friday, we awoke to matchday! The Charlotte SGs invited us to their tailgate. They were lovely people and very generous. It reminded me our first season, just very excited to a part of the bigger picture and to show off our city.

Notes to any away match traveler: if you are into scarf collecting, bring extra scarves. I did not but had multiple opportunities to swap. You should also bring stickers too!

Sometimes the road gods smile on you. The terrible weather in Cincinnati did not reach North Carolina. We had sunny and windy weather. Remember to bring sunscreen to early Spring matches!

We had a small but vocal support force. We brought the noise. Like other newer NFL related cities, the home fans were mingled near us. They haven’t quite got used to away fans chanting. Unfortunately, our side didn’t come out on top, but it still a fun time.

I certainly hope Charlotte fans come to our city so we can repay the hospitality. This is one of the big reasons I like this sport, is hanging out and having a good time with people regardless of team affiliation.

Going to an away match? Tell us your story!

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