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Fox Gibson

The first real FCC "Fiddle," C Fox Gibson has been around since the beginning of FCC's USL days, and continues his involvement with the Knights of the Bailey in promoting the atmosphere and culture we want to exist around our club!  From marching the bass drum into Nippert at the inaugural USL home match, to welcoming Don Garber to the Queen City when he first stepped off the plane at Lunken Airport, this local fiddle player and orchestral director has made himself available whenever possible for this city and this club that he loves!  While a string player by trade, he's taken to beating the Cincinnati war drum as a new passion, and it's become a whole family tradition now.  He and his wife Stacy (also a Knight of the Bailey) helped form the Knights, and their children have literally grown up attending matches and events, including Don Garber spending a few minutes with one of the kids before his assistants pulled him away to announce FCC's MLS bid!!  Matchday you'll find him either marching the bass drum in and playing in the pit or up in a corner of the Bailey with the family, but either way singing loud and proud!