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The Briogáid Honor Code

We are a non-profit, apolitical, social organization focused on the support and following of FC Cincinnati.  As such, we welcome anyone who wishes to join us, and it is in the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood that we establish this Honor Code.   

We are dedicated to cultivating an enjoyable Match Day experience, creating lasting bonds of friendship, and improving and contributing to our city and communities, both inside and outside the realm of Soccer.  We will attempt to provide a family friendly atmosphere, but some of our gatherings may be 21+, and there is likely to be some vulgar language, and most definitely alcohol involved.  Although foul language is likely, we will not tolerate derogatory remarks toward or about any person, including other supporters, fans, or players, relating to gender, race, religion, sexual or political orientation, or any other perceived defining factor.  As well, drunken disorderly behavior, any physical harm or threat of physical harm to others, or damage/destruction to property, will be policed and addressed by the organization.  Any such behavior should be reported to one of The Briogáid Council member so that the matter can be addressed expediently.  

It is understood that, as a member of The Briogáid, the duty to report any Honor Code violations, whether at match day activities or other The Briogáid events, falls to us to police and address.  Although this is not a desired outcome, any abusive or derogatory remarks, physically abusive or threatening behavior, or overly disorderly behavior, especially after having been previously addressed, may be cause for expulsion from The Briogáid, and subsequent applications for membership could be denied.  Our goal is an enjoyable environment for all those who wish to call themselves a member of The Briogáid!